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In the past, dentists used silver and gold fillings to treat decay. Today many dentists recommend composite fillings because they are more aesthetically appealing. White fillings (composite fillings) are also completely safe and more durable than other options.

Do I Need a Cavity Filling?

If you have a small chip or cavity in your tooth, your dentist will likely recommend a cavity filling.

  1. We numb the area so that your treatment is painless.
  2. We remove the damaged part of the tooth.
  3. We use a cleansing gel on the area.
  4. We replace the missing portion with a cavity filling.
  5. We harden the composite fillings with a high-intensity blue light.

Composite fillings can be completed during a single appointment. You should not feel any pain and you will leave with a healthier smile.

Custom Composite Fillings

We design your white fillings based on your natural tooth color. White fillings consist of plastic and glass particles that are closely matched to your true smile. They are aesthetically appealing since they match your existing teeth. Best of all, composite fillings last for years.

Patients who have unsightly metal fillings can replace them with white fillings. White fillings may also be safer if you have mercury in your current fillings. Composite fillings are made of nontoxic materials that are proven safe for your body.

Why Do I Need a Cavity Filling?

Don’t put off your composite fillings because untreated decay grows. Eventually, it may enter the nerve canal and cause an infection. A cavity filling only takes a few moments, but root canal treatments or surgeries are a little more invasive.

A cavity filling prevents pain and discomfort while restoring your healthy smile. Avoid complicated future procedures by asking your dentist about white fillings today.

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